Thursday, 18 August 2011

Red Winter Coat

I know, I know, it's still August, but with the nights starting to get darker and the days a bit cooler I've started thinking about my 2011 winter coat. 

I usually go for the classic black winter coat, it's sensible, it's smart, it's not fun; and in a bold move I've decided that this year I want a red winter coat. I want a coat that makes me want to wrap up warm and brave the cold outside with a smile on my face rather that spend the days hiding under the quilt cover with a hot water bottle. I may have far too high expectations for what can be achieved just by having a lovely coat but I'm thinking with a red winter coat I can achieve Martine McCutcheon at the end of Love Actually levels of happiness. 

I hope that plenty of people will join me in my bid to brighten up the dull city centre streets this winter, for those of you that need a bit of convincing here are my top three red winter coats in the shops right now. 

Boden - Rosette Coat 

This gorgeous Boden Rosette Coat matches a classic, simple cut with quirky flower detailing around the waist, collar and sleeves. At £195 it is the most expensive of the three red winter coats I have found but it would see you though a few winters and this blends quirky and classic perfectly in way that makes it worth splashing out on.

> View the Rosette Coat at Boden

If I were to imagine a red winter coat as a hug, this is what it would look like! I love the oversized hood and snood style collar and the double breasted front and tie belt make this winter coat easy to dress up or dress down. A bargain at £44.99!

My final red winter coat pick! This classic coat style is brought bang up to date with the gold buttons to give it as military twist. Another winter coat that won't break the bank at £55.